Nature writing

In the morning the hedges and plants are festooned with cobwebs. Bluebells decorate the garden.

Blossom on the trees. Potted plants hang from a metal fence. A cat leaps across the grass and into a wooded area. A squirrel forages on the lawn. Up in a tree, wood pigeons nibble on young leaves. Birdsong fills the air.

Some birds are busy building nests. A pair of magpies fly across the garden, carrying long twigs back to a tall tree. A blue tit has picked a nesting site near my window. Sometimes it lands on a metal bracket that holds up the guttering, its beak filled with nesting materials like moss, hair and feathers.

At the edge of Edgbaston Reservoir coots and moorhens nest among the willow trees. A couple of adult coots swim with their chicks. The chicks clamber on to a branch that juts out of the water.

A heron stands like a statue on the bank of the canal. Another flies overhead. It’s wingspan is huge.

A spring evening. The days are staying light for longer. Blue sky with sunlight. Jackdaws perch in a tree.